You want to compare data within your database and merge several data sets. With our duplicate check, you play it safe.
Identical data sets may vary in their appearance. This is why high quality duplicate check systems are required to detect potential deviations and errors. Our superior duplicate maintenance allows for recognition, merging or elimination of multiple entries both for individuals and organizations.
Data synchronisation will cut costs prior to implementing a communication campaign, because sending advertising
material twice will double your costs. In addition, the elimination of multiple entries also has a positive effect on your company image. Three identical mailings in the mailbox with a slightly different spelling of contact details will detract from your company image. Three donation solicitations are sure to cause annoyance. Recognize additional potential among your customer base. Several customers mistakenly labelled as small accounts suddenly become a true key-account and evolve into a potential which has remained unrecognized and unexploited until then.
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